What Are The Advantages Of Using A Muzzleloader?

A muzzleloader can easily be identified as any firearm that has both the projectile and the Precision Rifle Muzzleloading Bulletspropellant loaded directly into the muzzle of the weapon. The moniker becomes obvious at that point. These types of guns have been used for generations, and while some prefer more modern weapons, these classic guns definitely have their own unique benefits.


Hunting with a muzzleloader over other firearms can come with certain perks. Experienced people may already be aware, but even the most veteran of hunters might be overlooking some of the basic advantages of using a muzzleloader. Check out these tips on why it can be in your best interests to use a muzzleloader!


LONGER HUNTER SEASON. Some states have very specific ranges for when you can hunt with a muzzleloader, and typically, this can actually add more time to your overall hunting season. Some states have separate periods even when the regular gun season has finished.


MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Price is no object for people with really deep pockets, but for most people cost can be a real concern. You can easily locate a high quality muzzleloader for around or under $200.


Precision Rifle Muzzleloading BulletsSTYLE. Typical guns don’t have that artistic flair and classic design to them any longer. They’ve become modernized, and there is something to be said when you step out into the wilderness with a muzzleloader in your hand. Enthusiasts will enjoy the historical connection, and newcomers will appreciate the interesting design.


When you are preparing for your next firearm purchase, or getting ready for the upcoming hunting season, take these three key aspects into consideration. You will more than likely end up enjoying a longer season, save some money, and appreciate the classic look and feel of the gun.

Improving the Thompson Center Encore (part 1)

We all want our T/C Encore to shoot those famous 1 hole groups right out-of-the box. The truth is, this is rarely the case. It is the exception rather than the rule. There are several different reasons for this and probably just as many opinions as to why this is true.

First, let’s define what I mean when I use the term accuracy.

When one considers muzzleloader accuracy, many variables come to mind. Wind drift can certainly be a factor at

distances greater than 100 yards. But, that involves marksman ship and shooting skills, as well as, a gun capable of producing repeatable 1 hole groups. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on the muzzleloader’s accuracy potential and less on shooter skill. Therefore let’s agree to fix that variable, by assuming the shooter has the necessary shooting skills to repeatedly shoot 1 hole groups at 100 yards, given a rifle and load capable of achieving this goal. Yes, I agree that a shooter with those skills is rare indeed. So when I use the term accuracy, I am speaking only of the T/C Encore’s capability, not the shooter’s.

So why wouldn’t I expect my T/C Encore to have repeatable accuracy rigiht out-of-the box?

There are a number of factors that can affect a gun’s accuracy. Matching a muzzleloader bullet with the proper ballistic coefficient for the barrel twist of the T/C Encore is one important, but often overlooked factor. The best shooters in the world would be hard pressed to overcome this problem. It is much easier if you select the proper bullet initially, but this is a topic in and of itself. It is not the purpose of this article to list and discuss all the factors influencing the T/C Encores’ accuracy. Instead we will focus on one most people overlook.
The T/C Encorlocker pine’s hinge pin…

Here are a few things to consider:

Are all T/C Encore hinge pins exactly the same length and diameter?
Are all T/C Encore hinge pin slots the same diameter?
What happens to accuracy if the hinge pin fit is too loose or tight?
What if the hinge pin rotates or slips out a little on one side or the other?
How much looseness, tightness, turning or slippage is necessary to matter?

Now that you are considering how the hinge pin, alone, might affect your gun’s accuracy, what can be done about it? It is my belief that the turning or protruding of the hinge pin alters the zero of your rifle and therefore affects the gun’s accuracy.
Enter the T/C Encore/Pro Hunter Locker Pin movement accuracy solution.

Created by Cecil Epp, it is the solution to the T/C Encore pin movement. Cecil’s most extreme example was when his pin had slid all the way to the side of the fore-end causing his.22-250 barrel to shoot 12″ right. The Locker-Pin is machined from hardened 4140 Chrome Moly. To convert your hinge pin to a state where it won’t rotate or change position in any way, slide the pin in place and screw the locker side with the supplied Allen wrench. I put these Locker Pins in all my Encores and friend’s Encores. After years of shooting my Encores, there has been no pin movement. My point of impact does not suddenly change for no apparent reason, and I am confident that I have solved this piece of improving the T/C Encore accuracy.

thompson center locker pin

Improve your Thompson Center Encore